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Trick or Treat! Trailer for the Drag Series "The Lady Yang" released in time for Halloween

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat! The trailer for the Drag Series "The Lady Yang" released in time for Halloween! Vincent Veloso joins Amy Stiller (Reality Bites , The Cable Guy, Little Fockers) Russell Saylor, Transgender actress Fran Sisco, Terry Lee King and Tom Paolino in this Mystery-suspense thriller from writer/director Brad Forenza & Best Version of Yourself productions

"The Lady Yang" Images: Courtesy Brad Forenza/Best Version of yourself productions.

Featured article image courtesy of GettyImages/Bruce Glikas Headshots by James J James J. Ciccone

Vincent Veloso Headshots by James J Ciccone

Writer/Director Brad Forenza noted, “I wanted to write something that celebrates the genuine art of drag, as well as drag’s common intersection with farce and satire. And once the writing started going down those stylistic rabbit holes, it naturally paid equal homage to horror, sleuth, and suspense.”

“Everyone involved put together a must-watch production, not to be missed.” said Vincent Veloso, who plays Yang’s club manager.


(Following courtesy: the Hudson reporter, Brad Forenza)

"Stiller, who plays Yang’s long-lost relative, was attracted to the project for its aesthetic. “’The Lady Yang’ is an unabashedly bold project,” she says, “But like the best kinds of camp, the world Brad has created is truthful unto itself.”

Cast member Russell Saylor, who plays Yang’s protégé, adds that, “’The Lady Yang’ is a world that proudly fractures the confines of genre, gender, and drag, giving the actors and viewers alike the opportunity to expand, imagine, and create.”

Transgender actress Fran Sisco, who plays Yang’s confidential secretary, says part of the project’s appeal is its “fine bunch of actors with impeccable timing.” Additional cast members include Terry Lee King (who plays Yang’s former lover) and Tom Paolino (who plays her spiritual advisor).


"I'm excited for the world to see this. It is a great story and a high concept mystery; a bit of "Clue" meets "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the audience is in for a treat!" Vincent said.

"THE LADY YANG" Trailer!

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