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ETHAN ART VENTURE now on KWELI TV & Selected to Black Women Film Network Short Film Festival

ETHAN ART VENTURE by Nuria Dixon was released on KWELI TV streaming & is an Official Selection of the Black Women Film Network Short Film Festival

Vincent Veloso voiced the Edward Chin in the Cartoon. "Congratulations Nuria and all the great cast and crew on the selection and the release on KWELI TV streaming", Vincent said in a recent interview.

-Repost-- A cartoon with real social issues that are not typically discussed at home. I think most creatives can relate to this one.


Voice Actors: @vincent.veloso “EDWARD @_joshua_iverson_ “KENNY”

Wall Art: @ms_tawana_ @ryfly6261 @piino1980 @freshprintsofmia

Sound Design: @legzdymond

Written and Directed by: Nuria Dixon Reposted from @ethan_art_venture_shortfilm

Courtesy Ethan Art Venture


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