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Vincent Veloso selected to read for retired LAPD captain and attorney 'Randal Quan' in the u

According to the @dornerseriescastings instagram page, Vincent Veloso has been selected to read for 'Randal Quan', the retired LAPD captain and attorney in the upcoming Dorner production. Randal Quan is the father of Monica Quan, who was murdered along with her fiance, Keith Lawrence, on Feb. 3, 2013, the first two victims in Dorner’s rampage. Randal Quan had represented Dorner during his dismissal proceedings from the LAPD.

"I would definitely try to pay respect and do my due dilligence (in portraying Randal Quan) who has to go through these really crushing experiences" Vincent says in the video. The dornermoviecasting instagram post also posts Submission Tape: #DornerMoviecasting@vincent.veloso Role :LAPD Randal Quan#Repost @dorner_movieClick Like to vote if you think he should be cast for this Role#DornerMoviecasting#Repost @dorner_movie

"Hey, please visit @dornerseriescastings on instagram like the video & voice support for me to be cast as Randal Quan! thanks! :)" Vince wrote on his instagram @vincent.veloso

from 'Christopher Dorner was a former LAPD police officer who was fired after allegedly making a false report of excessive force against a superior in 2007. After exhausting all legal avenues of appeal, Dorner, who insisted his story was true, decided in February 2013 that the only rational thing left to do was to declare “unconventional and asymmetric warfare” on the LAPD and proceeded to murder two people, neither of whom were even police officers.

This led the LAPD to declare one of the largest civilian manhunts in US history, during which Dorner killed an additional two police officers (neither of whom worked for the LAPD), culminating in a live-televised siege of a cabin where he was holed up. The siege ended after several hours when the police fired incendiary tear gas grenades into the cabin, setting it on fire; Dorner subsequently shot himself.

Dorner Beginning on February 3, 2012, committed a series of shootings in Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties in California. The victims were law enforcement officers and civilians, including law enforcement families. Dorner killed four people and wounded three others. The rampage ended on February 12, 2013, in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Vision Films TV Studios presents Dorner on Cable TV in a 6 Part TV Movie recapping the events of the 9 days Killing Spree and the innocent lives that were lost in this tragic True American Crime Story!

There are 3 sides to every story… The Victims…The Heroes and the Truth!

This film series will recap the shocking events of the manhunt that shattered many lives of families as well will show the bravery of courageous men of law enforcement who risked and lost there lives as well the various mistakes that were made by the police in there pursuit to hunt a killer on the run…and facts and truth brought to light.


Production Starts in 2019'

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Submission Tape: #DornerMoviecasting


Role :LAPD Randal Quan

#Repost @dorner_movie

#Repost @dorner_movie

Now Casting Open Call see link in bio

If you have been posted here you have been selected to read for role

Those who have submitted do not need to re submit We will only be contacting those who we wish to have audition once all submissions have been processed by Casting see link in bio for info

Coming Soon in a 6 part episode series film on Amazon Prime Video @visionfilmstv presents in @dorner_movie WWW.DORNERMOVIE.COM/casting-call

Attention for those submissions selected... Remember if you have submitted your intro video to our Casting department #DornerMoviecasting

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