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"Suburban Sepulchre" written, directed, & starring Vincent Veloso is named an official

"Suburban Sepulchre" written, directed, & starring Vincent Veloso is named an official selection of the 2018 International Film Festival Manhattan The festival takes place October 17 to 21, 2018. More details soon! Thank you Luis Pedron & everyone at the IFFM, cast & crew and supporters!

Some fun trivia/facts about the shoot

  • The scene about the driveway being resurfaced was a real event. The night before shooting at the location, the driveway had been last minute resurfaced and was still wet when the cast and crew arrived. The scene was originally going to be set on the driveway getting out of the car. It was adjusted to acknowledge this by writer Vincent Veloso

  • The final scene was supposed to be done at Golden hour in the evening, but due to equipment technical issues, there was an hour delay and the scene had to be shot at night, which worked out just as well.

  • Actress Amber Lee Ettinger was originally cast in the role of Amber. The actress had a discussion with the director and mentioned she had found out she was pregnant, which wasn't disclosed to the public at the time, and they agreed in the interest of safety, it would not be possible for her to get to New York by air to film. Amber later gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Tia Link was recast as Amber and the rest is history. Tia and Vincent had originally met at a holiday party of actresses/friends Crystal Chau & Vera Lam, a year earlier where they were all in the "Bob Ross painting competition"

  • Eric Celerio is the son of Philippines music Icon Levi Celerio. Director Vincent Veloso and Eric Celerio originally knew each other from playing many music gigs together.

  • The part of Marissa Vidal in the script was originally wasn't going to be cast as it was just a passing name reference. Gabriela Dias (actress, model, philanthropist) had contacted the production with interest in auditioning for a part. The scene in the script was fleshed out and she was eventually cast to play Marissa.

  • The knife in the movie is an actual KBAR knife from the family from the war.

About the IFFM

International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM), now on it's 8th Milestone Year, offers a quality selection of world-class films that will be showcased in a theater in Manhattan New York City, USA. Our programming encompasses all different genres of diverse program. Narrative features, documentaries, shorts and student films from all over the world. We also have a focus on social relevance as part of our programming and our goals.

We are visionaries who believe in the possibilities of New York, the greatest city in the world. We have seen how film, as a powerful medium can make a direct impact on lives or facilitate change. We also have seen the unique diversity of New York's culture and its people. The city's appreciation for film and ability to make things happen. It is also committed in exploring all opportunities to promote the artists, his work, his vision, and his cause if he has any, during the showing of the films and the events during the festival.

We are a festival that gives importance to a full Question and Answer (Q&A) portion after each film screening. We believe that filmmakers who attend their screening should be heard and celebrated on stage. We also pride ourselves in having red carpet interview moments during the festival, IFFM is also known for it's full scale Black Tie Opening Night - Awards Night.

Starting this year we will be giving a total of $1000 (One Thousand US Dollars) divided amongst the three major awardees: 1) The Best Narrative Feature USA 2) Best Narrative Feature Global 3) Best Documentary Feature

We give more than 15 awards each year including: Best Narrative Feature USA, Best Narrative Feature Global, Best Documentary Feature, Best Short, Best Music Video, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor Short, Most Popular Film in IFFM and many more

The festival will be happening on October 18 to 21, 2018 Awards Night will be on October 18, 2018 at the Philippine Center Kalayaan Hall 556 5th Ave NY, NY 10036. Screenings will be held on October 19 to 21, 2018 at the Producers Club 358 W 44th St NY, NY 10036.

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