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"Suburban Sepulchre" written/directed/produced by Vincent Veloso named an Official Selecti

We're happy to announce that "Suburban Sepulchre", a film written/directed/produced by Vincent Veloso named 2018 Official Selection of the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival

May 9th & 10th Red Carpet starting at 6:00pm

"On behalf of the cast and crew, we'd like to thank everyone at the R.G.I.F.F. for including us in this year's events! It was an honor to be asked to adjudicate films for the festival last year. The quality and the impact of the festival and the films showcased there were absolutely phenomenal. We're so grateful and pleased to see the film accepted to this prestigious Festival for 2018. I had written Suburban Sepulchre for this year's HBO Asian Pacific American Contest whose theme was "home". While we did not make the top three, it was great to be able to film in Ridgewood, NJ with such great cast and crew. I grew up in Ridgewood as well as well as Erwin Valencia who portrays my character's older brother in the film. " said Vincent.

The storyline: A young Filipino American returns to his New Jersey suburban hometown to a family reunion to accept his grandfather's and father's heirloom in order to close a sorrowful chapter and perhaps start another uncertain one.

The film's cast includes Gabriela Dias, Eric Celerio, Christine Pardo, Tia Link, Daniel Velasco, Guia Peel, Erwin Valencia, Mike Larose and Vincent Veloso.

Cinematography by Matthew Canada. Sound by Rene Ojeda, Hair/Makeup by Julia Rosendale Martin & Clara Rae Natkin

Additional Crew include Mary Guccione, Daniel Lipski. Justin Ramirez

Special Thanks to Cesar and Hilaria Veloso


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