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Crimson Kings Drum Corps enters J Crew #meetmycrew $10K contest

"I've seen the kids and staff grow and give so much to the community over the years, those are a few of the reasons I'm nominating the @nycrimsonkings for the @jcrew #meetmycrew " says Vincent Veloso Do you love the Crimson Kings? Tell us why! Post about us BY OCTOBER 15th with the hashtag #meetmycrew to nominate us for a $10k prize from @jcrew and please remember to tag us!

@jcrew Meet our crew! We're the @nycrimsonkings New York Chinese School Crimson Kings Drum Fife & Bugle Corps. Since the 1950s we've served Chinatown & New York City by providing our city's youth a safe place to build self-confidence, pride and a creative outlet through music, service, and performance.

We'd spread good vibes of $10k repairing our vintage instruments and upgrading our vintage uniforms so our program can continue to serve the community for many more years to come.

Please share and repost, thanks!

#MEETMYCREW #contest #jcrew #newyorkcity #nyc #nycrimsonkings #music #nonprofit #drumcorps #drumline #bugle #fife #colorguard #nycs #ccba #marchingband #chinatown #jcrewstyle

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