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THE JPB FOUNDATION awards a $10,000 grant to the Crimson Kings Drum Fife & Bugle Corps under the

THE JPB FOUNDATION awards a $10,000 grant to the Crimson Kings Drum Fife & Bugle Corps under the co-direction of Vincent Veloso & Bryan 'Chez" Ong

We are happy, honored & grateful to announce that the Crimson Kings Drum Corps has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the JPB FOUNDATION!

The JPB Foundation, endowed with funding bequeathed by Jeffry M. Picower and led by Barbara Picower as President and Chair, sustains the philanthropic spirit that animated Jeffry and Barbara’s history of giving, doing work in areas of environment, poverty and medical research. Building on the successes of The Picower Foundation, JPB remains faithful to their longstanding goal to have as large an impact as possible on pressing societal problems.

For decades, founders Jeffry M. and Barbara Picower gave extensively to an array of medical, youth, and civic causes, with the goal of helping to create a better world.

The current CKDC members and staff wish to express our deepest profound thanks and appreciation to Cherie Li and everyone at the JPG foundation for your consideration and generosity on this award. Thank you!

JPG Foundation

875 Third Ave 29th Floor

NY, NY 10022

We also want to send our deepest thanks, acknowledgement and appreciation to the Crimson Kings members, staff, NYCS & CCBA, parents & family, alumni & supporters over the 65+ year history of the corps. Extra thanks for the thoughtfulness of a supportive parent of two current members who nominated the Corps for this wonderful honor. All your support, efforts, care and service to the community and the corps greatly impacted in our receiving of this prestigious grant. We are proud to stand on the shoulders of giants and carry on your enduring legacy of Class, Excellence & Pride.

We will continue your long standing traditions of Community service, civic duty, and commitment to excellence in youth education in the music marching & performing arts. Thank you!

Our deepest love and thanks,


The New York Crimson Kings Drum, Fife & Bugle Corps, established in the 1950s, is the oldest and most honored Asian-American drum corps on the east coast dedicated to youth development through music and performing arts education.

Originally formed in response to the lack of safe productive youth activities available to the local community, the Corps has been dedicated to preserving rich musical traditions and the ideals of community service as a non-profit youth arts organization based in the heart of New York’s Chinatown.

While offering a quality music activity for youths ages 10-22, they proudly perform at shows, ceremonies and parades every year throughout the tri-state area. It has been a second home and family for the scores of members to have proudly worn the Red and Gold.

Mission Statement

The Crimson Kings instills class, excellence and civic pride in its members through an accessible music and performing arts. Participation in the Corps nurtures self-confidence, respect, character, leadership skills, and teamwork at a crucial age forming the springboard to even greater achievements. Members establish a strong work ethic, integrity and discipline that compliments non-musical education.

What We Do

We are a year-round safe and productive music activity for youths 10 to 22 years old rooted in the Drum Corps tradition — drum, fife, horn, and guard — based in New York’s Chinatown. All levels are welcome. The Corps performs at shows, ceremonies and parades every year throughout the tri-state area representing New York City and our local community.

Who Do We Serve

As the last remaining drum, fife, and bugle corps in New York City, we provide youths the opportunity to perform in the tri-state area while providing a safe year-round activity during a climate in which music and arts programs are dwindling and lacking support.

We do this so that a quality music arts activity is accessible for families who may otherwise not be able to provide their children with similar experiences. We currently have members from Chinatown, the Lower East Side, Lower Manhattan, Upper Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and New Jersey.

Since our doors first opened, the majority our members have come from first generation immigrant families. In many ways we've offered youths access to a look into what's outside of their immediate community whether it is through performing in the suburbs of Long Island or taking them to the movies for their first time.

Our priority has always been how to provide an experience youths in which they may not otherwise be able to experience.

Some recent groups we have served include the American Legion, Village of Massapequa Park, City of Jersey City, Lower Manhattan Historical Association, City of Passaic New Jersey, New York City Hall, the Grace Church School, Little Italy Merchants’ Association, Chinatown Partnership, Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans, PS 124, PS 130, Transfiguration Church, and the CCBA.

Purpose of Grant

The grant would go towards the purchase of new uniforms. Countless members of the Chinatown community have served in those uniforms.

Our current uniforms are over 20 years old, have lots of wear & tear, and are non-breathable. We regularly are faced with the challenge of our young members overheating or dehydrating during performances due to this.

The uniforms were made during a period in which the majority of our membership were 17-20 year olds. These days our members are primarily between the ages of 11 and 14, ergo the uniforms don't fit properly.

A new uniform cost upwards of $450 per set and the grant would go a long way in helping us fund this goal of ensuring the Corps will be able to serve and proudly represent the community safely and comfortably for many more years to come.

is a 501(c)(3) supported by the New York Chinese School and CCBA

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