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Filming begins on "Cattle" by Stormi Maya: Vincent Veloso directing. Vincent & Changel

Vincent Veloso began filming on "Cattle" by Stormi Maya on July 5th, 2017.

Photos Courtesy @Stormimaya

Cattle: End of Humanity. Directed by @vincent.veloso Producer @StormiMaya Its the year 2060. War and environmental damage is at an all time high. The Bora race has been discretely ruling over the human race for thousands of years. Religion, race and language was once used to easily manipulate and control over the humans, but now it is the cause of world destruction . The Bora leader, Adisa wants her people to leave Earth and find new "cattle" that has yet to be tainted , others feel they should stay and help guide the ignorant race . Without the Bora's assistance , humans will not survive long.

Bottom Photo : Actress Niyah Sole' Prisoners @tomikarenee Bo Ale @tommyjmoon Sfx @chazsfx DP @matthewcanada Gaffer Daniel Lipski #actress #horror #screamqueen #movie #film#Director #indiefilm #producer #stormimaya #actorslife #vinceveloso The Philippine Daily Inquirer picked up the @thefilamnet article about @changelingstheseries and @vincent.veloso! Thank you Cristina dc Pastor For the heads up ! For 30 years, the INQUIRER (Philippine Daily Inquirer)] has been at the forefront of setting the agenda, chronicling events both momentous and ordinary with ardor and enthusiasm. We want to spark change in society and so we ask the questions nobody else asks. The answers we get make us a source of credible news sought out by Filipinos in the Philippines and overseas.

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