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"Changelings: Forlorn Lauren" Starring Lauren Francesca, Jeffrey Gurian, Scott Churchson a

"Changelings:Forlorn Lauren", written/directed and executive produced by Vincent Veloso has been released on Amazon Prime. The latest episode stars @iwantmylauren @jeffreygurian @scottchurchson @theveralam @stormimaya @beingmeisgreat @ohzone_ Jorge Portorreal @vinceveloso @katetrumpet

Watch season 1 and season 2 episodes on Amazon, free with prime membership, get a 30 day free trial and watch it and Season 1 and 2 now! :D

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Changelings:cambions::kæmbiəns: Forlorn Lauren"

Story line: A celebrity is stalked by an inhuman fan prompting a confrontation with NYPD S.S.D. (Special Spectral Division) officers.

Starring Lauren Francesca @iwantmylauren Jeffrey Gurian @jeffreygurian , Scott Churchson @schurchson, Vera Lam @theveralam , Jesus Del Rosario Jr., Kate Amrine @katetrumpet , Stormi Maya @stormimaya, Fausto Santos, Matt Oh, Jorge Portorreal, Vincent Veloso

Executive Producer, Director, Writer: Vincent Veloso

Cinematography: Matthew Canada

SFX Makeup effects: Sue Lee FX, Al Spears, Paige Gittelman

Sound: Rene Ojeda

Gaffer/Grip: Daniel Lipski

1st A.C./ second unit director: Tim Guccione

On set photography/Set decorator: Mary Guccione

"Changelings:cambions:kæmbi'ns" NYPD special spectral division officers confront dark forces as they continue their dangerous search for a deadly secret. Something now hunts supernaturals & the investigating NYPD officers & detectives;something that does not understand pity, fear, or pain.

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