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Changelings: Forlorn Lauren Released date announced! June 1st 2017 @ 9AM!

Changelings: Forlorn Lauren released date announced!

June 1st 2017 @ 9AM!

Starring social media personality/model actress Lauren Francesca and Comedian/writer Jeffrey Gurian, Scott Churchson from America's Got Talent and Stuntwoman/actress Vera Lam, the latest Changelings Episode was again written, directed & produced by Vincent Veloso. Cinematography by Matthew Canada and SFX makeup team of Sue Lee FX, Al Spears and Paige Gittelman.

"Changelings:cambions::kæmbiəns: Forlorn Lauren" Story line: A celebrity is stalked by an inhuman fan prompting a confrontation with NYPD S.S.D. (Special Spectral Division) officers. Starring Lauren Francesca @iwantmylauren Jeffrey Gurian @jeffreygurian, Scott Churchson @schurchson, Vera Lam @theveralam , Jesus Del Rosario Jr., Kate Amrine @katetrumpet , Stormi Maya @stormimaya, Fausto Santos, Matt Oh, Jorge Portorreal, Vincent Veloso Executive Producer, Director, Writer: Vincent Veloso Cinematography: Matthew Canada SFX Makeup effects: Sue Lee FX, Al Spears, Paige Gittelman Sound: Rene Ojeda Gaffer/Grip: Daniel Lipski 1st A.C./ second unit director: Tim Guccione On set photography/Set decorator: Mary Guccione "Changelings:cambions:kæmbiəns" NYPD special spectral division officers confront dark forces as they continue their dangerous search for a deadly secret. Something now hunts supernaturals & the investigating NYPD officers & detectives;something that does not understand pity, fear, or pain. Director's Statement: Science Fiction, fantasy and horror stories are ways to talk about the dark side and the hopes of humanity in ways that can open ideas that may not be easy to talk about otherwise. As an Asian American filmmaker, I strive to make stories that are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and stories with ideas that can stand alone regardless of gender, age or background. This story is about the darker side of social media and the deadly or perverse uses it can be twisted for in the hands of the warped side of humanity, especially if left unchecked.

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