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Vincent Veloso completes filming "Changelings: Forlorn Lauren" with Lauren Francesca, Jeff

Vincent Veloso completed filming "Changelings: Forlorn Lauren" with Lauren Francesca, Jeffrey Gurian, Scott Churchson, Vera Lam

"It was wonderful seeing and working with Lauren Francesca @iwantmylauren again after knowing her for over 10 years. She is a tremendously talented performer, a friend and a beautiful person inside and out. Her success both on and off screen has been astounding and well deserved and I'm very happy for her. Jeffrey Gurian is a joy to work with, a very kind and good soul and very funny. I've known Scott Churchson and Vera Lam for many years and they are the consummate professionals both as actors and stunt performers and I am very honored that they are my friends and colleagues. Sue Lee and her special effects makeup team ( & @paigefallonmakeup on this episode) , are always finding new ways to scare and amaze us with their artistry and everyone of the cast and crew are among the best teams one could ask for. I am currently in post production with this but we already have a cut and a teaser trailer getting ready. I am looking forward to releasing everything by this summer."

More images, video and a teaser trailer will be released very soon!

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