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Vincent Veloso named as Co-director for the Crimson Kings Drum Corps

Vincent Veloso has been named as co-director for the New York Chinese School Crimson Kings Drum Fife and Bugle Corps, one of the last remaining Junior Drum Corps in New York City.

Vincent began teaching as a brass instructor in 2009 , also re-introducing DCI drill maneuvers to the corps and began arranging music and taught field drill as a drill instructor and created their first Chinese New Year Street drill in several years. In 2011 he brought back the Drum Major Position, filling in as drum major and training the next generation of members to assume the role of drum major and field captain.The corps acquired new vintage bugles and keyboard percussion and grew the membership to nearly 40 members.

In 2012, as Assistant director, he helped the corps release their first CD recording, "Heart & Valor". He also designed the first field show (Heart and Valor) for the drum corps in 20 years, which could not be performed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that year, and helped them take the field again at DCI East in 2014 at Allentown in exhibition designing the drill for their show "Skyward".

"Along with co-director Bryan 'Chez' Ong, I look forward to helping the corps improve and grow so to continue the tradition and legacy of service, innovation and excellence the corps has kept for nearly 70 years. The Crimson Kings Drum Corps has been a great place for the members and staff to develop as musicians, performers teachers and people through community service and performing arts. We look forward to performing and working with the NYCS, CCBA, chinatown and New York City community.

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