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"CHANGELINGS: ASWANG" trailer with Catherine Curtin, Eric Roberts, Stormi Maya and Vincent

Here it is! the new Changelings Aswang trailer!!!!

"Changelings: ASWANG"

NYPD Special Spectral Division Detective Francine Vincent (Catherine Curtin) is searching for an Aswang, a Filipino Demon (Vincent Veloso). Her investigations lead her into run ins with Father Martin Mordicai (Eric Roberts), Clarissa Heilbern (Stormi Maya) and members of NYPD's elite striker unit, "The Reaper Squad" (Alexander Martin Jones, Jorge Portorreal, Matt Oh, Fausto Santos) bringing darker and deadlier intrigue.

NYPD special spectral division officers confront dark forces as they continue their dangerous search for a deadly secret. Something now hunts supernaturals & the investigating NYPD officers & detectives;something that does not understand pity, fear, or pain

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