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Two New M'LUMBO albums announced coming soon!

M'lumbo has announced that two new albums are on the way. Vincent Veloso has been performing and writing music with M'lumbo for nearly 25 years and is excited to share the groundbreaking music is almost here!

Outer Space Mystery Romance Adventure (Spring 2023)

M’lumbo is proud to announce the completion of its latest album, Outer Space Mystery

Romance Adventure. Recorded during the pandemic, with everyone working remotely in

home studios, this double disc collection may be M’lumbo’s most ambitious effort yet. Post- Jazz fusion that leads to exciting new worlds and possibilities for

contemporary music.

The culmination of over a decade worth of live collaborations with Grammy- winning Jane Ira Bloom, 12 time winner of Downbeat Critics Poll for soprano saxophone and Helmet leader Page Hamilton, who is also onboard the new album as special guest.

This double album is a compendium of Space Age Jazz, Electronica, Rock and exotica, two and a half hours of extraordinary musicianship and a pinnacle of collective empathy and reaction.

The Summer of Endless Levitation (Hell Yeah! Records, 2023)

Three members of the legendary New York underground Jazz/Electronic band M'lumbo

did a regimen of Shamanic Travelling at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in New

York City. These experiences led them to quickly and spontaneously compose/perform a suite of pieces informed both by a desire to create a kind of folk music evoking painter/sculptor Jean (Hans) Arp's 'biomorphic' works [shapes that evoke natural lifeforms without depicting any specifically, of which they all shared occasional visions] and the feelings of isolation and indefinite exile yet to come in their urban environment.

Compared to the works they have done as part of the larger band M'lumbo, this was to be a more modest, naive affair.

This album is a vehicle for the renewal of feeling, using only a few instruments [acoustic

and electric guitar, keyboard, flute, small percussion, kalimba and clarinet] and locating

a sense of both the deep sadness and uplifting powers of reverie.



M'lumbo takes the familiar and makes the earth slide.

– New York Newsday

It's Mickey Mouse, the Stanford University marching band, Santana and

Syd Barrett rolled into one... borders on genius.

– Baltimore City Paper

M'lumbo makes world music for some world other than Earth.

– Dirty Linen

To approach a merely adequate description, try and imagine a combination

of Miles Davis, Sun Ra, traditional African music, and early Bonzo Dog

Band... Very exciting, filled with unbridled energy and humor. The

musicianship is superb and the arrangements exceptionally creative.

– Alternative Press


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