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Vincent Veloso joins Snoop Dog, Haley Joel Osment, & the voice cast of #MATTER on iheartradio!

Vincent Veloso joins Snoop Dogg, Haley Joel Osment, and the rest of the great voice cast of the intense podcast drama #matter Vincent is the voice of the lead police sniper in episodes 6 and 7 Check out the incredible podcast now out on iheart radio, Itunes, and Spotify!



Amin Joseph, (SNOWFALL), Nile Bullock, (POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN), Steve Harris, (THE PRACTICE), Haley Joel Osment, (THE KOMINSKY METHOD), Jennifer Christopher, (TIMELESS) Tarina Pouncy (ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ.), Pooch Hall (RAY DONOVAN) , Montae Russell (NCIS, ER), John Lacy (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) Snoop Dogg as Big H.

When Gerald Hayes (Amin Joseph, SNOWFALL) witnesses his teenage son Niles’s (Nile Bullock, POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN) brutal beating by police officers, a split-second decision leads him to being barricaded in friend Jayce’s (Steve Harris, THE PRACTICE) nearby restaurant with one of the officers, Sergeant Place (Haley Joel Osment, THE KOMINSKY METHOD). As the situation deteriorates and the press paints Niles as the offender, Gerald fights for justice for his son using the one tool at his disposal in that moment – social media.

Told through the lens of an investigative journalist, Kate Bell (Jennifer Christopher, TIMELESS) takes us back to that fateful afternoon and its aftermath a year later through interviews, found surveillance footage and more.

Additional voices include: Tarina Pouncy (ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ.) as Michelle Hayes, Pooch Hall (RAY DONOVAN) as Martin, and Snoop Dogg as Big H.


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