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Just 3 more days for the indiegogo for Changelings Aswang Starring Catherine Curtin, Eric Roberts an

Principal photograpy complete but just 3 days left... There IS still time but it is fading fast. Several had mentioned to me that you'd tried contributing before but there was difficulty with the site paypal option. I contacted them and please try again and/or contact

whatever way you can assist us is greatly appreciated and remembered dearly, please share the link and give what you can. Salamat!

Please help our indiegogo campaign to reach our 15k goal! Definitely asking for our friends, family, networks & the universe's assistance on this one.... yow! We need your help!

"Changelings:Aswang" Starring: Catherine Curtin, Eric Roberts, Stormi Maya, Alex Jones, Matt Oh Jorge Portorreal Fausto F Santos, Noriko Sato, Tyler Peyton Courtney Sanello & Vincent Veloso

Behind the camera talents of Matthew Benjamin Canada Sue Lee Rene Ojeda Rodriguez, Anthony Miller Tim Guccione, Allison Villasenor, Michael-Scott Druckenmiller, Mary Guccione Christina Macias, Paige Gittelman, Daniel Lipski, Julia Rosendale


Catherine Curtin from Netflix "Orange is the New Black" & HBO'S new series "Insecure" premiering in October attached to star as an NYPD special spectral division detective. Eric Roberts (Batman:the Dark Knight, Justice League) and Stormi Maya (actor, playboy playmate) also join the cast in the next Changelings episode "Aswang" for the HBO Asian Film contest. Please contribute & share the link! Thanks! :)

There are perks, like stickers, shirts, hats, IMDB credits, join a premiere event, free digital downloads, for every $50 contributed, we donate $5 to unicef, be a background actor

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