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Actor and Playboy Playmate Stormi Maya Alvarado @stormimaya is lined up to join the cast for next Ch

Happy to announce Actor and Playboy playmate Stormi Maya Alvarado @stormimaya is lined up to join the cast for next Changelings episode "Aswang" for the HBO Asian Film contest. Please contribute and share the link! Thanks! :) We ask for your help and will get you schwag perks, like stickers, shirts, hats, IMDB credits, join a premiere event, free digital downloads, for every $50 contributed, we donate $5 to unicef, be a background actor, etc Watch us! Like us! #changelingsweb #indiefilm #sagactor #filmmaking #actorlife #sagnewmediacreator #sagaftra #catherinecurtin #orangeisthenewblack #vinceveloso #filipino #pinoy #aswang #screenwriter #director #producer #shredz #shredzarmy #nycactor #hbo #indietv #insecure #netflix #actor #cck #changelings #OITNB #stormimaya #playboy

Short Summary

The cast and crew come from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Vincent Veloso is a Filipino-American Actor, director, musician and writer.

We're making this episode primarily to submit to the HBO Asian Film Contest. Science Fiction, fantasy and horror stories are ways to talk about the dark side and hopes of humanity in a way that can open ideas that may not be easy to talk about otherwise. As an Asian American filmmaker, I strive to make stories that are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and stories with ideas that can stand alone regardless of gender, age or background. This story about overreach of Authority, the dangers of the unknown and ulterior agendas has to be told and will be told with your help. Thank you. "NYPD special spectral division officers confront dark forces as they continue their dangerous search for a deadly secret. Something now hunts supernaturals & the investigating NYPD officers & detectives;something that does not understand pity, fear, or pain"

We are happy and grateful that you will play a big part in the expression of these, and help us take a shot of winning a spot in the contest.

What We Need & What You Get

We are raising $15,000 for production and post production: Equipment rentals, locations, and the talent.

PERKS! Shirts, caps, We'll make a contribution to UNICEF, IMDB credits, associate producer credit. You get a chance to say you were an associate producer with lined up Hollywood talent like Catherine Curtin (Orange is the New Black) and some of the best established and up and coming actors and film makers!

Whatever we raise will go towards the creation of the episode, We are grateful and thankful for all assistance to reach the 15,000, we can do it!

The Impact

The HBO Asian Film Contest is a way filmmakers can talk about Asian American experiences.

We intend to talk about some of these topics but ways that are alternative and with our supernatural twist

Changelings series episodes have won many awards already and you can be part of a winning impacting series: -OFFICIAL SELECTION 2016 Indiewise Festival -NOMINATED Best Pilot 2016 Webfest Montréal -OFFICIAL SELECTION Cannes Film Festival Marche Du Film 2016 -OFFICIAL SELECTION New Life Film & Script & Music Festival 2016 -WINNER 2015 Best Shorts Contest Award of Merit -WINNER 2015 Accolade Competition Award of Merit: Special Mention Category: Webisode -2015 Official Selection The Accolade Competition MovieMaker Magazine named The Accolade as “One of the top 25 festivals worth the entry fee -2015 Official Selection Action on Film Festival -Nominated for Best Science Fiction -Nominated for Best Web Series/Best Pilot - 2015 Official Selection Web Series Festival Global: Hollywood -WINNER 2015 MFSP Awards Best Webseries: -2014 Urban Action Showcase & Expo supported by Cinemax: -Nominated for the Best Short film -Nominated for the Best webseries: Blood sweat and bones contest -Nominated for the Best TV pilot -Nominated for the Best web series -WINNER 2014 Urban Action Showcase & Expo supported by Cinemax: Best webseries: Blood sweat and bones contest -2014 Redhook international film festival Official selection -2014 NYLA international film festival Official selection

Risks & Challenges

As indie filmmakers, our voices and stories that deal with controversial and non PC topics have to be voiced. Filmmakers face the challenge of production and leading cast and crew through the challenges of completing a film shoot.

We've already created 3 episodes last season and want to keep giving opportunities for cast and crew from all backgrounds to showcase their talents both in front and behind the camera

Our team has navigated these waters before but we need your help and support to get this story to life through pre-production, production and post-production.

Other Ways You Can Help

Every little bit of contribution helps. We understand some people just can't contribute financially, but that doesn't mean we all can't help:

Please put the word out and make some noise about your campaign.

use the Indiegogo share tools! We are grateful and appreciate all your assistance to help us make a kick ass episode =)

Current revealed attached cast

CATHERINE CURTIN ( from Netflix "Orange is the New Black" & the HBO new series "Insecure"

VINCENT VELOSO ( from Netflix "Daredevil"& the series "Doomsday"

STORMI MAYA ALVARADO @stormiavarado Actress, Playboy Miss Social model

ALEXANDER MARTIN JONES ( "The Following" &"Louie"

JORGE PORTORREAL ( Actor, Helicopter pilot, musician

MATTHEW OH ( "One Heart" & "Better Off", Stuntman

TYLER PEYTON ( "The Coddett Project" & "Judo Girl"

NORIKO SATO ( "Odd Mom Out", "Batsu", "Sprawl", HBO voiceover actress

FAUSTO F SANTOS (New York Performing Arts academy alumnus) "West Side Story" , "Just Wright"

Revealed crew

Matthew Canada: ( Cinematographer

Vincent Veloso: ( writer, producer, director, actor, musician

Sue Lee SFX: ( Special and creature effects supervisor from the show "Face off"(season 2)

( Sound

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