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"Watson" A film by Reynaldo Rivera, directed by Vincent Veloso, is officially selection of

Congratulations to Reynaldo Rivera, Director Vincent Veloso and the cast & crew of "Watson"! "Watson" is an Action on Film official selection Sept 2-10,2016, Monrovia, California. --- "Watson" would like to thank Vincent Veloso, Julia Maggio, Jennifer Phillips, Charles Delgatto, Carl Weyant, Alex Goodfella Ortiz, Akim Black, Steve Della Salla, Steven Aportela, Marco Matute, Toni Purichia, Nat Norwood, Sam Shoemaker, Rene Ojeda Rodriguez, Floyd Simpson, Danny Caiazzo, Kimbo G. Vargas Aponte, Nelson Dorado, David Xarach, Yasemin Rivera, and LUNA!

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