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After a decade on staff, and as a corps director since 2016, Vincent Veloso is retiring from the Cri

After a decade on staff, and as a corps director since 2016, Vincent Veloso is retiring from the Crimson Kings Drum Corps. Vincent came on staff in 2009 as a horn instructor, was made assistant director in 2012 and then took up the mantle as a corps director in 2016.

He did the music arranging, drill creation/instruction for the Corps. Occasionally, he'd suit up and march with the corps playing mellophone, baritone and soprano bugles, or filling in as the Drum Major. Vincent also helped with the staff hiring, and proposed & facilitated many of the corps initiatives:

  • 2009 music arrangements & drill writing

  • 2009 introduced 5 count commands, new marching techniques

  • 2009 helped recruit and reinvigorate Brass line

  • 2010 Lunar New Year Street drills

  • 2010 helped recruit keyboard percussion & Colorguard lines

  • 2011 re-instated the Drum Major/ Field Captain positions

  • 2011 created a temporary Drum Major uniform/drop sash

  • 2011 secured & repaired more vintage bugles

  • 2012 "Heart & Valor" CD recording at MSR studios

  • 2012 Hershey Park Performance

  • 2012 Metlife Stadium Show (hurricane Sandy stopped the show)

  • 2014 DCI East Allentown Soundsport show "Skyward"

  • 2017 Pre-game show for the Brooklyn Nets (cancelled by CCBA)

  • 2017 Disneyworld performance trip (cancelled by CCBA)

  • 2017 helped secure new flags and costumes for the colorguard

  • 2018 USS intrepid Performance

  • 2018 helping secure a JPB Foundation Grant for new uniforms

  • 2019 Created new Recruitment videos/ Featurette videos

On his departure from the corps, Vincent said: Dear CK family, Ten years ago I joined the CKDC staff and have served as a corps director since 2016. We always say that the members always come first. I am now in a new phase in my life, traveling for work and TV/movie acting much more. Because the members’ needs come first, I’ve announced I am stepping down as Corps director. I am truly grateful to have served you on staff over the past decade.

I’ll miss CKDC, all of you and the times we shared, but I know that greatness is ahead for you and the corps. The staff will keep giving the members the time and attention they deserve.

You have great and capable leaders now with Maxwell Lee and Jen Huang. I've seen them grow as CK members. They’ve excelled in Cadets2 and Cornell marching band, and as CK staff. I am proud of their victories and who they have become. They know how to run the corps well and the needs of the community. With Principal Wang's support, and Tim Ko’s help on staff, CKDC can beat any challenge. From the sidelines I’ll look forward to even greater heights from you all.

My last day at CKDC is Sunday, October 27, but I'll help on Veteran's Day. Veterans have a special place for the corps and for me. We are forever grateful for the armed forces veterans. We are also thankful for our drum corps “veterans.”

Sir Isaac Newton had said "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

You, the CK members and veterans, for nearly 70 years helped us thrive. You are the giants who we have been supported by. The alumni help just this past 10-10 parade kept CKDC alive and going. You’ve led the way and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done and all that you are. You’ve taught me to grow and give back to NYC, Chinatown, and this Nation we care for. Thank you.

This last decade we dared great things together. We had fun times from Hershey Park, DCI East, a new music CD, the USS Intrepid show and much more. I am proud of your strides and successes, and happy to have been with you through it all.

But more important than all that we accomplished, I've seen members and staff grow. You’ve grown as smart, strong and caring people. In your actions, you left situations, people, and things in a better state than you found them.

Through joys and challenges, hardships and victories, we carried through and took ground. We kept up the Crimson Kings Drum Corps tradition of class, excellence and pride. I am forever grateful for you, your friendships, and examples. I'll cheer from the sidelines and offer my support from there.

I will always treasure my time with the corps and all of you: members, staff, veterans, alumni, volunteers, supporters, and my dear friends. Thank you for your trust in me and for your trust and continued support for the Crimson Kings.

Be kind, be cautious, be yourself, be your best self, be well, Vincent

Vincent Veloso 2009-2019 New York Crimson Kings Drum Corps


(Edited by Vincent Veloso/Xavmax Multimedia)

Five minute featurette recapping of some of the video highlights of the NYCS Crimson Kings Drum Corps (1980,1992, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018)

Since the 1950's The Crimson Kings Drum Corps has been the most decorated and honored Chinatown NYC drum corps. While the Corps has won many awards, commendations and had many highlights over the decades, these are some excerpts of the live footage of the corps that still exists today.

0:00 Recruitment intro (1 minute) 1:00 1980 Field Show 1:27 1992 Music & Motion Field Show 2:02 2010 Lunar New Year Street Drill 2:17 2012 "Heart & Valor" CD, 1st place,Hershey Park, Metlife Field Show 3:55 2014 DCI East "Skyward" Field show 5:05 2018 USS Intrepid Exhibition

There's still time to join the @nycrimsonkings! Whether you are new to drum corps or a seasoned veteran, share your talents, join us! (ages 10 to 22) Be a member of the award winning and most honored Chinatown drum corps in NYC since the 1950's.

Play music, learn dance choreography, make new friends, get the required community service credits for New York schools, and earn scholarships and awards. The New York Chinese School Crimson Kings Drum Corps has performed on the USS Intrepid, recorded music CDs, and has won awards and contests all over the East Coast. Come and be a part of the excitement, the most awarded and decorated Chinatown NYC Drum Corps. Ages 10 to 22.

Please visit us 62 Mott st, Room 408 NYC Sundays 1 pm to 4:30 pm school year Saturday 11 am to 1 pm summer session Visit for more info, share this video, and join your winning team.

(Edited by Vincent Veloso/Xavmax Multimedia)

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