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Vincent Veloso will be a guest on FIlmYAP Thursday February 15th 2018 @5pm

Vincent Veloso will be a guest on FilmYAP Thursday February 15th, 2018 @ 5pm eastern standard time

FilmYAP is "A Shared Universe Podcast discussing movies, TV, comics and games with celebrity guests, filmmakers and industry experts." It is hosted by Scott Churchson ( America's Got Talent, The Deuce) and JT Macquire ( producer, director, Riding with Sunshine) with Robin Gwiazdowski (producer) and Ming Chen

Previous guests on Filmyap have included Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things 2, Orange is the New Black) and Derek Wayne Johnson (Producer of documentaries: "Stallone: Frank, That Is"(filming) "John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs" and Debra Markowitz (Director of the Nassau County Film Office,producer Birr,Casting director)

"I'm looking forward to being on Filmyap with Scott , JT, Robin, and Ming and seeing where the conversations lead. I'd checked out a couple of the episodes and enjoyed the guest discussions, banter and affable and informed tone of show" said Vincent Veloso

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