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Vincent Veloso is an Asian Filipino-American actor, model, multi-award winning: writer/producer/director, entrepreneur,17 instrument performing musician, martial artist (Kodokan judo, Tekken-ryu jujutsu, Nihon Goshin Aikido) & trained salsa ballroom dancer.

He acted alongside Sean Patrick Flannery, Michael Jai White & Mark Dacascos and did stuntwork in "Assault on VA-33", now on The Roku Channel. He is Officer Stevens in the film "Equal Standard" (Amazon Prime) with Ice-T & Treach, and is the cartoon voice of Edward Chin in "Ethan Art Venture" on KWELI TV  

Vincent joined Snoop Dog, Haley Joel Osment, & the voice cast of the police drama podcast #MATTER on iheartradio  and also joined the voice cast of the Ambie award nominee "What Happened in Skinner?", the thriller, mystery podcast featured as Spotify's top 5 best new audio dramas.


Vincent wrote/produced/acted in & directed "Changelings"(Amazon Prime) with Catherine Curtin, Eric Roberts, Karlee Perez, Lauren Francesca, Jeffrey Gurian, Scott Churchson, Stormi Maya, Julia Maggio & Jacob Berger. He portrayed Officer Alvarez in the Daytime Emmy Nominated series "Doomsday" (Amazon Prime and Shudder), appeared in "Marvel's Daredevil" (Netflix) UCLA professor Terrance Tao in the series "Math Warriors", and the Maestro piano player in "The Comedian" with Robert Deniro & Harvey Keitel.


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