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Cast of "Suburban Sepulchre" announced by Xavmax Multimedia Productions L.L.C. to include

Cast of "Suburban Sepulchre" announced by Xavmax Multimedia Productions L.L.C. to include Gabriela Dias (Philanthropist, Actress, Model), Eric Celerio (singer, Pianist/guitarist, son of Philippines music legend Levi Celerio) and Vincent Veloso (Changelings:Cambions:kæmbiəns, Doomsday, Marvel's Daredevil)

Announced cast in alphabetical order:

Gabriela Dias

Gabriela Dias is an actress, producer, and humanitarian of Brazilian origin with international success. She has worked on television throughout Europe, USA, and South America. From participating in several TV shows, and soap operas to appearing in Hollywood productions that allowed her to work with the likes of Antoine Fuqua, Penelope Cruz, Devon Dickson, Deborah Aquila, Ben Hoffman, Jessica Biel, Francis O' Connor, Alfred Molina, Kaya Scodelario, Jimmi Simpson, among others.

Gabriela founded Dias Entertainment, a full entertainment and marketing company and is an executive producer in movies and television shows.

Gabriela’s philanthropic and social services work has helped many foundations and communities all over the world.

Gabriela also founded The Gabriela Dias Foundation in 2017 with the mission to provide once in a lifetime experiences in learning through arts and education. The goal to provide children with unique opportunities that they would otherwise not have.

Eric possesses tremendous talent in music and is gifted as a pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist. This should not be surprising at all, since he is the son of National Artist Levi Celerio. He is also a graduate of New York City's prestigious Queen's College - one of the best music institutions in the whole world. His debut album under Star Records pays homage to his father's life's work and this is clearly expressed in the title: "An Ode to My Father."

Eric has already made his mark in the international music scene, since he has had the opportunity to be a sessionist with some of the world's most respected and talented singers, such as Christina Aguilera, Peabo Bryson, Alex Mostly of Lisa Lisa, and Nora Aunor. Today, Eric is ready to face one of the biggest challenges in his career as he enters a world that is closest to his heart: the Philippine music industry.

Mike Larose is a well traveled musician and an actor born of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is known for Cowboys and Indians (2003), Diabolical Tales: Part I (2006) and Diabolical Tales: Part II (2007). Mike graduated from Berklee College of music and is the event manager for the Modern Gypsies Productions.

Tia Link is a New York-based actress that was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. After living in London and Sydney and traveling extensively, she settled in New York. After receiving training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and UCB, among others, she now divides her time between various film and theater projects. In addition to being an actor, Tia has a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School.Tia Link is a versatile actress who specializes in playing unapologetic, smart, and deeply complex characters whose toughness masks a certain inner vulnerability. She's best known for her roles as a woman torn between love and faith in Obligation (which premiered at Cannes in 2016), a quick-thinking cheating girlfriend in Allergic to Cats, and a demon-hunting hippie in Another Soul.

Christine Pardo is an actress, known for Gotham (2014), Running Late (2016) and Untitled Deutsch Komödiantischen Kurzfilm (2018)

She has studied with Brette Goldstein, Allison Estrin, Christine Kromer, Rob Decina and many others

She is know for the movie "Dominion" directed by Rico Lowry and produced by Kimber Eastwood. "Edwind Point" & "The Big Sky"

"True Warrior" now selling in Amazon. "A Fathers Dying Wish" "Zombiequerque" and "Grass Over the Fence" and also the TV show in "Almost Americans" (co-starring with celebrities Steven Michael Quezada & Gerry Bednob.

Erwin is a coach and consultant to individuals and organizations in multiple industries including media, technology, finance, real estate, athletics, medicine, entertainment, and consulting. Erwin's professional executive and organizational coach training is from the Columbia University Coach Certification Program - Cohort XVI, the Superhuman Coach, and Bulletproof Coach programs. Erwin has completed courses and intensives in applied positive psychology, and the art and neuroscience of flow states.

Daniel Velasco is an actor and producer, known for The Lonely Planet (2017), Clara & the Lost Woods and The Detour (2016)

He graduated form the Fordham London Dramatic Academy London, United Kingdom

In 2016/2017 he filmed "Changelings Aswang" [ with Catherine Curtin(Orange is the New Black) and Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and Stomi Maya (Havoc: Playing with Dolls, Playboy Playmate)] "Changelings: Forlorn Lauren" with Lauren Francesca, Jeffrey Gurian, Scott Churchson and Vera Lam] and "Cattle: The End of Humanity" by Stormi Maya.

He portrayed UCLA professor Terrance Tao in the series "Math Warriors, the Maestro piano player in "The Comedian" with Robert Deniro. He also has appeared "Limitless" as Professor Peter Tao, and in the 1st season of Marvel's "Daredevil" on Netflix.

2017 has shaped up to be the year for portraying cops for Vincent. He jokes, "I guess I have 'Resting Cop face'" He portrayed Police officers in films "The White Road", "Mr Kiss", and in series "Doomsday" and "This is my Neighborhood" and "Changelings: Forlorn Lauren"

The screenwriter, producer, actor, director, musician is set to direct "Suburban Sepulchre" as well as act in the production... he will not be portraying a police officer this time.

Photos Courtesy: Gabriela Dias, Eric Celerio, Mike Larose, Tia Link, Christine Pardo, Guia Peel, Erwin Valencia, Daniel Velasco, Xavmax Multimedia Productions L.L.C.

Biographies courtesy imdb, linkedin, facebook and actors personal sites

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